Best Bluetooth Adapters for PC

Most Proactive Bluetooth Adapters for PC: Better connectivity for fast Data Transmission

Technology is changing the way we perceive everything ths days. Those were halcyon days when you had only a standalone computer with the processor with the wired internet connection only. And you would feel blessed for having the ability to connect with the world through the device. Now the wired communication is becoming old-times with the advent of wireless laptops, tablets, android systems and bluetooth devices. 

A bluetooth device can roughly deliver a 32 feet of transmission at a rate of three megabits per second or even more. It depends on how proactive the design is and what capabilities it comes with. The device can be paired with the keywords, sound system, Alexa, headphones and various gaming controllers. However, you must have windows installed on your system to connect the bluetooth adapter with your computer system or laptop. 

With the wired module of communication going out of trend, more companies are making power-packed bluetooth adapters for PC and laptops. Whenever we say “PC”, it means that you can use the same device with the laptop or handheld tablets as well. 

What is bluetooth in general? The bluetooth allows you to make a bridge between two different devices to transfer your essential data. Using this device you can even connect your wireless devices with a system that you use, whether it be a PC or laptop.

Not only can you use a bluetooth adapter with your PC but also make the best of it by building a connection with your phones, mechanical keyboards, gaming handles, speakers and tablets. You can stream music on your television, laptop or computer or about any device you use using the transmission capability of bluetooth.

ZexMte Wireless Bluetooth Adapter for PC

ZexMte Wireless Bluetooth Adapter for PC
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Among many powerful bluetooth adapters for PC one is Zexmte wireless bluetooth adapter that supported the high transfer rate of 3Mbps at a distance of 33ft and 10m in any open space. You would love its extraordinary features. 

Transfers quickly:

The transmission rate of Zexmte wireless bluetooth adapter is impressive for being as fast as 3Mbps. You will have disconnectivity concerns provided that you use it within the distance of 33ft  in a place. It makes the adapter ideal to be used in an office or room where multiple people are working together.

Supported Windows:

ZenMate bluetooth adapter does not work with modern windows systems. You can try installing a compatible driver on your computer if you have any windows other than Windows 8 and Windows 10 It also supports Windows Vista and XP (all 32 and 64 bit systems).  You require an additional driver to stream music or connect the adapter with your keyboard, gaming controller, or phone if you run Windows 7 or any system that’s not fully upgraded.

Compact and functional:

Zexmte wireless bluetooth adapter for PC is compact and ergonomic in design. It is portable, lightweight and functional for the most part. Simply connect it with your system without feeling the need to remove it at any time later on. It would never make you feel uncomfortable accessing your own system by blocking ports, jacks and any USB already being used actively.

Bluetooth dongle:

The Bluetooth dongle is impressive because it upgrades to the Bluetooth 4.0 version so you can transfer your data quickly. For instance if you are using an open space where your computer’s stream Netflix series or documentaries, the dongle will adopt bluetooth 4.0 version to deliver fast streaming of audio and video.

The data transmission is flawless. Stream music nonstop without facing any downtime by ZexMte bluetooth wireless adapter. It also supports high-quality audio if you pair it up with a fully-active window. Additionally, the signals never drop or reduce when the device is active for a long time. This bluetooth adapter is designed to use the low latency for fast performance to offer you uncompromised fun.

You can transmit data such as pictures, documents and files to and from your phone. Alternatively you can use bluetooth printer as well from your PC in which ZexMte bluetooth adapter is plugged in. Likewise you can send over the files to computer or laptop system through your phone. 


  • One of the most proactive bluetooth adapters for PC.
  • ISM Band and  2.402-2.480GHz
  • Receive and send data, files, images using the adapter
  • Lightweight, comfortable and easy to operate
  • Support bluetooth Low energy module for fast performance 
  • Delivers lag free connection using the low latency technology
  • Does not occupy much space. 
  • Never covers other USB ports, jacks and slots in the computer system
  • Product quality is commendable
  • Works on PC with windows 8 and 10, Vista and XP
  • Transmits data at 3Mbps within 33ft of open space
  • Supports 4.0 bluetooth technology


  • Not compatible with Mac and Linux system
  • Additional drivers required for Windows 7 and system it is not compatible with

Techkey Bluetooth Adapter for PC

Techkey Bluetooth Adapter for PC
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Whereas all the other branded bluetooth adapters for PC or tablets are limited with their connectivity with all the Windows protocols, this one is just an exception. It supports a wide range of Windows systems making it an ideal adapter for people who use Windows 10, which is an upgraded Windows of the current era.

Mini size:

The first thing to adore about Techke bluetooth adapter is its lightweight build. It is highly portable with the dimensions of  LxWx H (0.87 x 0.59 x 0.2 inches) respectively. And the device weighs only around 12 grams, so it is simple and light as a feather. 

Most customers rave about Techhke USB bluetooth adapter for PC because it fits in the pocket for being very small. If you happen to have saved a lot of data on it, you can carry it in your backpack or pocket to bring it for your long distance trip. It works fine with most models of computers and laptops systems.

Data Transmission rate:

The transmission rate of Techkey USB bluetooth adapter of PC is 3mbps, it makes the device somewhat equal in performance with ZexMte bluetooth adapter. It works faster within the space range of 33ft of 10M.  Since the dongle adapts to Bluetooth 4.0  easily using the technology of low latency, the users enjoy an uninterrupted connection on their devices. It alsop supports V3.0 , 2.0, 2.0 and 1.1/

Connects fast;

The Techke bluetooth adapter makes a nice connection between bluetooth enabled devices. Pair it with your phone, android devices, tablets, gaming controllers, Joysticks, and speakers. Alas, the device won’t work with a MAC computer and LED television for streaming the audio or video content. 

Windows support:

As explained before, the Techkey bluetooth adapter supports almost all the windows, you will find it quite handy if you have Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows Vista, XP and Windows 7. Most people are still using Windows 7 as it works like magic. The adapter can be paired with it by installing a driver. Also, it supports Raspberry Pi.


  • Offers Uninterrupted data transmission between multiple bluetooth enabled devices
  • Supports Windows 7, 8, 9, 10 and Vista.
  • Connects fast using the low latency tech feature.
  • Works at the transmission rate of 3Mbps within 33 feet of 10 M room/space
  • Mini-sized bluetooth adapter for easy storage
  • Does not cover or block the surrounding jacks, slots, and USB ports on computer or laptops
  • The bluetooth dongle adopts the bluetooth 4.0 protocol.
  • Supports all versions of old bluetooth protocols 
  • Backward compatible with Bluetooth V3.0/2.1/2.0/1.1


  • Does not work with Windows 10 without a compatible driver.
  • The list does not show Windows 10 in the option.

ASUS Bluetooth Adapter for PC

ASUS Bluetooth Adapter for PC
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Both of the Bluetooth adapters mentioned above can adopt to bluetooth 4.0 or its backward bluetooth versions but this Asus USB adapter supports bluetooth 5.0.Hence, it can be considered one of the most advanced version of the USB adapter designed with 2.4~2.4835GHz unlicensed by the company.

Transmission of content:

Just like Teckey and ZexMte, Asus wireless bluetooth adapter offers the data transfer rate of 3 Mbps in 10 meters of the rooms. Meaning that you will encounter any interruption in your connection even if you have interconnected multiple bluetooth enabled devices.  

Connect any device:

Using its advanced bluetooth 4.0 protocol feature you can build a bridge of connection between multiple devices. Pair your phone with a PC, pair your tablet with your computer system or use it with game controllers, gaming keyboards and handles. You will love how fast this bluetooth adapter works without causing a technical glitch amidst your ongoing connection.

Bluetooth low energy: 

It supports bluetooth low energy modules to save extra consumption of energy to deliver fast connectivity between devices. Additionally, the bluetooth 5.0 ensures fast transfer of data with the range of BL. Additionally, it is fully compatible with Bluetooth2.1/3.x/4.x and all the backward versions that a system might use. 


  • Asus bluetooth adapter for PC is the fasted connecting USB 2.0 port
  • Lightweight adapter in refined black color
  • Transfers data at the rate of 3Mbps within 10 meters of room
  • Makes the use of BL (bluetooth low latency technology) for preventing power consumption.
  • Offers limitless, lag free and uninterrupted connected between or among bluetooth enabled devices.
  • Also supports the protocol of bluetooth 5.0
  • Is compatible with Bluetooth2.1/3.x/4.x
  • Idea for mechanical keyboards and game controllers
  • Supports 32/64 bit windows 8, 7 and XP


The bluetooth dongle may drop signals sometimes.

Final verdict:

The above mentioned Bluetooth adapters for PC are the most famous ones because of their data transfer rate and fast connectivity capabilities. All of these offer the transmission at the rate of 3.0 Mbps within 10 meters of a room, office space and open space. You can pick any of the above ones but I must say that if you want the best bluetooth adapter for your computer that runs just about any Windows you should go with Techkey USB adapter because it works the best.